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About Esquire Titling and its Owner, Tanya Reeves, Esq.

In 1991, Tanya Reeves graduated from Cal. State Fullerton with a degree in Political Science. Over the next five years, Tanya sold cars at three dealerships and worked her way up. She served as Fleet Manager, Sales Manager, and eventually settled in F&I. It was here Tanya began doing DMV and established her own DMV Registration Service.

Her registration service prospered over the years and attracted dozens of dealers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. In 1998, Tanya was accepted to law school at University of California Berkeley. The registration service supported Tanya through law school and continued to grow upon her graduation. Over the past twenty-seven years, Esquire Titling has conducted tens of thousands of vehicle transfers and worked with over one hundred and fifty dealers.

In her free time, Tanya volunteers for several non-profits by conducting free legal clinics, workshops, and accepting pro bono cases. By doing business with Esquire Titling, dealerships support charitable legal services in their community.

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