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California Duplicate Titles --Click here for Out-of-State Titles

Esquire Titling’s Service Fee: $125.00
Plus, the following applicable costs:
Federal Express Overnight Delivery (per envelope):
(optional, at dealer’s discretion)
From Esquire Titling to DMV $15.64
From DMV to your Dealership approx.
*$17.00 is an estimate. For accurate pricing, go to: and enter the DMV’s zip code (95818) and your dealership’s zip code as the destination. The packaging is Fed Ex Envelope and the weight is .5 lb. Remember to add $4 to the total for the pick-up fee.
Plus, the following DMV Fees:
Duplicate Title fee $16.00
72 Hour Rush Title fee
(optional, at dealer’s discretion)
Transfer Only fee
(due only if registration expired in dealer inventory - to avoid paying registration renewal)
Transfer of Ownership fee
(due if you want the new title issued in the dealership’s name)
Registration Renewal fees & Penalties
(may be due if registration expired before going into inventory)

Note: Esquire Titling requires payment in advance for duplicate title reconstruction. Our fee is earned in full upon contracting with us and is not refundable, even if you subsequently find the lost title. In many case, a duplicate title cannot be issued because we are unsuccessful in obtaining the registered owner’s signatures or lien release. In this case, we will provide you with certified letters, return receipt requested, which satisfies the California DMV’s "diligent effort" requirement and allows you obtain a "Defective Title Bond." This means the California DMV will issue a new title even though the old title is lost. In this circumstance, Esquire Titling’s fee is earned in full even though a duplicate title was never obtained.

You may submit your duplicate title request to Esquire Titling by fax or email and our form will automatically calculate your fees. Click on the link below to download the form. You may print and fax the form or save it and submit by email.

Click here to download form.
After you fill out the information and save the form,
send it back to us.
Click here to submit by email.

What’s the Process for Obtaining a California Duplicate Title?

What is a "72 Hour Rush Title" and How Long Does it Really Take?

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