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Dealer Bundles

    Limited time special for new customers:
    $15 per item
    (for twenty deals or more per month)

      $20 per item
      (for more than five but less than twenty deals per month)

        $25 per item
        (for five or fewer deals per month)

    $8 per item
    (for more than 100 deals per month)

      $10 per item
      (for twenty to ninety-nine deals per month)

        $15 per item
        (for less than twenty deals per month)

Additional Pricing Options

Flat Rate Per Item: Every transaction is charged the same, regardless of its complexity. This is the best value for small and medium volume dealers whose paperwork is often complex.

Flat Rate Per Month: Pay one monthly rate regardless of the number of items or their complexity. This is a good value for high volume dealers and helpful for budgeting purposes because of the predictability of cost.

Variable Rate Per Item: Price adjusts for the complexity or simplicity of the item (factors affecting price: if vehicle is new or used, has out of state title, repo/rollback history, needs additional forms, etc.). This is the best value for smaller dealers with consistently clean, straightforward paperwork with California titles.

Customized Pricing: We can create a pricing package perfect for your sales volume and the nature of your paperwork.

Our prices are extremely competitive, and we guarantee we will save you money over what you are paying now. Call for a free quote.

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