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Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR)
Esquire Titling is a member of DMV's BPA Program (Business Partner Automation).  We can process new cars, transfers, renewals, duplicate titles, duplicate plates, and many other applications in real time, and issue plates/registration/stickers directly from our office (same day).  This service is available to dealers and to members of the public, but there are certain restrictions associated with the types of transactions eligible for EVR, and in some cases, the dealer needs to also have a BPA license. Please call us for more information. 

Dealer Bundles
Esquire Titling will process all of your retail transfer of ownerships efficiently, accurately, and economically. Dealer bundles are transmitted in person to a CRC industry center. We can usually process and mail your bundle within 24 hours of receiving your paperwork and DMV check. Say goodbye to penalties and ASF fees! The turn-around time for receiving the processed bundle back from the DMV is 10-15 days. Click here for Pricing.

California Duplicate Titles
Esquire Titling specializes in reconstructing lost titles. We will track the release of liability records to the dealer who originally took the vehicle in trade, and contact them for copies of the title and bill of sale. In the case of leased vehicles, we have power of attorney for many national leasing companies and can sign without needing to obtain the registered owner’s signature. In other cases, we will comply with the DMV’s "diligent effort" requirement to obtain the signatures. Click here for Pricing. Click here to learn more about the Process for Obtaining a California Duplicate Title.

DMV Vehicle Record Print Outs (CVR’s)
Want to close that deal but the customer doesn’t have the title/registration to their trade-in? Don’t know if the paperless title holder ever took themselves off the DMV’s computer? Want to reconstruct a lost title but don’t know who the registered owner is? Esquire Titling provides instantaneous CVR’s for California. On-line access enables quick turn around in most states. Click here for Pricing for California CVR’s and here for Pricing for Out-of-State DMV Record Reports.

72 Hour Rush Titles
Need a quick title for that paperless or duplicate title? Remember, most auctions refuse to accept an Application for a Duplicate Title. Esquire Titling will process your 72 Hour Rush Titles the day we receive your paperwork and DMV fees. Overnight delivery to and from the Sacramento DMV is available. Click here for Pricing. Click here to learn more about the 72 Hour Rush Title Process and Turn-Around Times.

In Person DMV Walk-Through
How many cars could you sell while you’re waiting in line at the DMV? Esquire Titling will complete your paperwork and personally process the item at a DMV office. Same day service available. Multiple item discounts apply. Click here for Pricing.

Bundle Reconciliation Reports
Every time a bundle clears DMV, Esquire Titling provides you with a report detailing which items cleared, which ones did not and why they didn’t, and the items missing for each deal. The report also details the amount of DMV fees you collected from each customer, the actual fees paid to the DMV, and whether the customer owes you additional fees or you owe the customer a refund.

"Heat Sheets"
Esquire Titling’s database enables it to instantly run reports listing every single pending deal that has not cleared DMV because of missing items. We can control for many factors in pulling these reports. For example, we can list only the missing titles, or only the deals missing smogs. Likewise, we can control for finance company, enabling us to provide you with a report of every outstanding deal with a particular lienholder. We can also control for the "age" of the deal, so you can select a report that includes only those deals over 60 days old or 90 days old, for example. These reports are available instantaneously at no charge and can be faxed or emailed to you at the frequency you request.

Communication with Customers & Finance Companies
Instead of fielding calls all day from customers and finance companies wanting to know the status of their registration or title, refer their calls to Esquire Titling. We will provide them with prompt, accurate, and courteous service, always reflecting positively on your dealership. Because all of our deals are maintained in a computerized database, we are able to access the exact status of any deal within seconds.

DMV Fee Calculations
Ever taken a car in trade that’s missing the plates and registration card? Ever taken a loss on DMV fees because you under-collected from the buyer? Now you can submit your request by phone, fax, or email, and Esquire Titling will provide you with instantaneous California DMV fees. Perfect for wholesalers at the auction to submit before they bid on that car. Click here for Pricing.

Messy Paperwork
Rollbacks, Unwinds, Repos, lien sales, multiple transfers, out-of-state titles, apportioned plates, revived salvage – done right the first time through.

Reconstruction of Lost or Incomplete Documents
Track down missing signatures or comply with DMV’s "diligent effort" requirement. Let Esquire Titling chase down whatever it is you’re missing.

Se Habla Español
Because half the population of California is of Latino ancestry, Esquire Titling is committed to providing accessible services to Spanish speaking people. Whether it’s sending a bilingual letter to a registered owner or fielding calls from your Spanish speaking customers, Esquire Titling handles your Spanish language needs competently and professionally.

DMV Fee Refunds
Esquire Titling will research the legal authority that entitles you to the refund, complete the necessary paperwork, and submit it with a cover letter from an attorney. See results when Esquire Titling advocates on your behalf. Click here for Pricing.

Free Legal Consultations
You unwind a deal because the customer lied on her credit application. Do you have to refund her down payment? You didn’t declare that the car had a salvaged title and now the customer wants to return it. Do you have to take it back? As an Esquire Titling client, you have access to free legal consultations with the owner, who is an active member of the California State Bar.

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