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Why Use a Registration Service?

Using a Registration Service SAVES YOU MONEY!

Because a Registration Service is an independent contractor, you don’t have to worry about personnel costs such as payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, health benefits, vacation time, sick leave, hiring and training costs, and sacrificing office space for processing DMV papers.

Capitalize on the experience of a Registration Service and avoid paying penalties that may be waivable, ASF fees generated by delays in processing paperwork, and paying more fees than are actually due because of errors on the part of the DMV.

Using a Registration Service REDUCES YOUR LEGAL LIABILITY

If you hire an employee to process your DMV work and that employee commits fraud or even negligence, you are financially liable. By using a licensed and bonded Registration Service, liability shifts from you to the service, which indemnifies you from action by the customer up to $25,000, and provides you with the option of filing your own claim against the bond.

A Registration Service knows how to keep your DEALER LICENSE IN GOOD STANDING with the DMV

The last thing you need is a customer complaint to a DMV Inspector because they haven’t received their registration. Using a Registration Service frees your time and energy to do what you’re good at and what pays your bills: selling cars. Let Esquire Titling keep your paperwork clean, organized, and processed efficiently so the DMV will stay off your back.

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